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      Dongguan City Hua Fu Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional sales Teflon products, integrated enterprise fluorine plastic products. Since its inception, actively developing new products and expanding scale, full range of varieties, reliable quality, high quality services to domestic and foreign merchants praise. The company's main products in addition to the world-renowned brand of Teflon products, but also domestic processing factories Teflon semi-finished products, molded products and shaped parts. Main products: Teflon Board, Teflon rods, Teflon, Teflon film, Teflon membrane sodium treatment, molded products and filling products; Teflon cloth high temperature, high temperature tape, tape, iron Teflon conveyor belt. Our products are widely used in the photovoltaic industry, electronics, semiconductor, packaging, plastics, chemicals, printing, textiles, shoes, accessories, machinery and other industries, is a high strength, light weight, waterproof, heat-resistant, fire prevention, anti-aging and have not the preferred product viscosity properties of the material!

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