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Features Teflon film

  With the continuous improvement of industrial demand for engineering plastics, Teflon membrane because of their superior performance advantages and has been widely used in the chemical industry. Briefly, Teflon film is a vinyl polymer, is obtained by the addition polymerization of vinyl fluoride. So what kinds of Teflon film and performance characteristics have been people like? Here to present to you.
  Because the Teflon film has excellent flexibility and excellent resistance to deflection, can maintain these properties over a wide temperature range without losing the original has excellent chemical resistance. Put it in solvents, acids and bases, even cooking without losing the strength of the film in a strong acid, strong alkali. Teflon film is very low water vapor permeability, air permeability and most organic vapors also very low (remove organic esters and ketones). Teflon film electrical insulation properties, dielectric constant and relatively high volume resistivity.
  Teflon films are typically manufactured using solution casting method, the resulting film is transparent Teflon. To extruded film, to be added stabilizers and extrusion aid. Teflon film has a superior performance is its sweet Hou resistance, light degradation, can long maintain its clarity and flexibility in an open-air exposure for decades, still maintain good performance, stain resistance, wear resistance. Teflon film generally a pulsed or dielectric heat sealing method, vinyl fluoride film printable, also embossed decoration.
    For the performance characteristics of the Teflon film here today to share, Teflon film also has anti-voltage strength of the most significant advantage of the breakdown voltage. It can be used for the capacitor dielectric, for wire insulation, electrical instrumentation insulation, sealing gasket and so on.
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