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Poly FEP transparent tube processing
1, has good heat resistance, weather resistance. Resin without load with the use of temperature -65 ℃ ~ +200 ℃.
2, for all the chemicals, solvents have inactive.
3, good weather resistance, long-term use is not easy to change.
4, for all items with non-sticky.
5, with flame resistance.
6, with excellent electrical characteristics.
The main purpose:
1, resistant to drugs, non-adhesive liquid transfer machine parts are not covered with protective cover.
2, the sensor protection.
3, non-adhesive metal ball.
4, high temperature protection of the drug with the overcoat.
5, the optical sheath of the overcoat.
FEP pipe in the - 65 ℃ ~ +200 ℃ range of long-term use.
FEP transparent tube is mainly used in the working conditions are more harsh occasions, such as corrosive liquid and gas pipelines, heat exchangers, liquid level meter tube.
FEP full penetration tube is made from poly-perfluoro-ethylene-propylene resin by extrusion molding derived. (FEP) is a new type of crystalline perfluorocarbon polymer, its long-term use of temperature -80 ∽ 200 ℃, and has excellent chemical stability, outstanding surface non-sticky, low-temperature machinery Strength, electrical insulation, air tightness, wrinkle resistance, as well as low water absorption and friction coefficient, exposure life in the atmosphere can be more than 50 years. Mainly used as corrosive liquid and gas pipes, lined tubes, heat shrinkable tubes, heat exchanger tubes, liquid level meter, a variety of frequencies for the protection of wire and cable and electrical components.
Main performance:
1, The Appearance:
Inside and outside the wall smooth, flat, clean; color was transparent, translucent (determined by the wall thickness).
2, physical and mechanical properties:
Index Name Unit Index value
Density g/cm3 2.14∽2.17
Tensile Strength Mpa ≥14
Elongation at break % ≥175
Breakdown voltage Kv/mm ≥12
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