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Teflon fabric processing and sales
Teflon high-temperature cloth, also known as Teflon heat-resistant cloth, Teflon insulation cloth is PTFE emulsion coated glass fiber woven. The substrate is a glass fiber cloth.
Brown / brown
Common specifications are 0.08mm thick, 0.13mm thick * 1.0m wide * 50m long, 0.25mm thick, 0.95mm thick .
main feature:
1, excellent high temperature and low temperature performance: -73 ℃ ~ +260 ℃ temperature range of continuous operation;
2, the chemical stability of strong: excellent resistance to the performance of other chemicals;
3, good electrical properties: good insulation properties, insulation resistance to high strength;
4, good separation: anti-sticking, the friction coefficient is small, the surface smooth;
5, the dimensional stability of good: This synthetic products contain glass cloth, in high temperature and high pressure environment, dimensional stability, not easily deformed.
Mainly used:
Raincoat, tents, outdoor clothing, shoe materials processing, lamination processing, food baking and processing, and so on. Thickness of the Teflon cloth used to do the conveyor belt, industrial belt with a line to do with.
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