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Imported high-temperature Teflon tape
Teflon high temperature tape, also known as Teflon high temperature tape, Teflon tape.
Temperature (+ 260 ℃), anti-sticking, clean, anti-wet and high insulation.
Teflon tape is made of Teflon fiberglass cloth, silicone and plastic film protection layer, the layer of high temperature + 260 ℃. As the adhesive layer viscosity, high temperature is not easy to produce bubbles.
Laminated rollers, sealing machines, bag machines, packaging machines, used to cover the drying drum and oven is ideal, it is mounted anti-stick table, material, containers and other surfaces of the material of choice. Teflon high temperature adhesive tape can be directly attached to a variety of large surface and regular surfaces (such as drum), the operation is simple. Remove the need to spray PTFE professional equipment.
Import Korea TACONIC, color is: brown, the common specifications are 0.18mm thick * 1.0m wide * 50m long.
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