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Teflon tape thickness 0.13mm
Teflon high temperature tape is PTFE emulsion coated glass fiber woven, and coated with silicone or acrylic glue, also known as Teflon heat-resistant tape, Teflon high temperature tape.
Sealing machine bag machine. Packaging machines, all kinds of color arts plastic bags packaging heat sealing, semiconductor, electronics industry heat-resistant protection, tape sealing, cutting, banding coils, motors, metal lines, roller slip.
Heat-resistant (+260 ℃), anti-sticking, hot pressing adhesive tape residue after peeling, clean. Adhesive tape sealing superior separation, good wear resistance, high temperature and high pressure stability is not easy to deformation, the insulation layer of high strength, high dielectric strength, good insulation properties.
Brand: TACONIC, on the East NITTO, ZTE;
Light brown or light brown;
Thickness 0.13mm, length 10m;
Common width:
13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm other width can be processed.
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