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Teflon Belt Deflection Cause and Solution summary

  Use Teflon conveyor belt Teflon conveyor belt running deviation is one of the most common faults, deviation a variety of reasons, the main reason is to install low precision and routine maintenance is poor, below We summarize some of the common causes and solutions for all types of use Teflon conveyor belt conveyor maintenance officers.
  Use Teflon conveyor belt during the installation process, between the head and tail roller, intermediate roller in the same center line as possible and parallel to each other, in order to ensure unbiased conveyor or less biased. In addition, the tape tabs to the right, should be the same on both sides of the perimeter.
  Teflon conveyor failure phenomenon: Teflon conveyor belt slippage.
  Teflon conveyor Cause: Teflon conveyor belt when the normal operation of the belt speed should not be less than 95% of the roll speed. If the roller conveyor with Teflon friction enough, Teflon conveyor belt, it is easy to slip phenomenon. Many causes friction roller conveyor with Teflon enough common are: load start, the roller surface friction coefficient is not enough, not enough tension and so on.     Cause roller surface friction coefficient are not enough; the roller surface wear plastic bag is too big, too wet or sticky tape body lubricating oil, with the sticky surface of materials (easily soluble rise); tension enough reasons: Zhang tight itinerary is not enough, not enough counterweight weight,   Teflon conveyor belt is too long and so on.
  Teflon conveyor failure Solution: Clean the roller surface, dry Teflon conveyor belt body, the body clean Teflon conveyor belt, adjust the tension stroke, increase the weight by weight, shorten the length of the conveyor belt Teflon.
  Teflon conveyor Symptom 2: Teflon conveyor deviation.
Teflon Conveyer Running parts inspection and processing methods:
  (1) Check with Teflon rollers transverse centerline longitudinal centerline of the belt conveyor misalignment. If the misalignment exceeds 3mm, you should use the elongated mounting holes on both sides of the idlers be adjusted. The specific method is biased which side of the conveyor belt Teflon, which lateral direction Teflon conveyor idlers advancing forward, or move after the other side.
  (2) Check the head, tail rack mounting deviation of the two planes bearing values. If the deviation is greater than two planes 1mm, the response adjusted in two planes the same plane. Head drum adjustment method is: If Teflon conveyor belt deviation to the right side of the drum, then roller bearing should move forward on the right side or left side of the bearing after the shift; if Teflon conveyor belt to the drum the left deviation, the roller bearing should move forward on the left side or right side of the bearing after the shift. Rear roller adjustment method and the head drum opposite.
  (3) Check the location of the material on the conveyor belt Teflon. Teflon material is not centered on the cross-section of the conveyor belt, the belt will result in deviation. If the material is biased to the right, then the Teflon conveyor belt deviation to the left, and vice versa. In the material should be used as much as possible so that the middle. To reduce or avoid such Teflon conveyor deviation increase the blocking plate, change the direction and location of the material.
  Teflon conveyor belt slippage and deviation phenomenon, causes, mainly to check the solution above these, if any more reasons for hope promptly inform the Division I Division I will update.
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