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Teflon conveyor belt storage and use of maintenance eleven strokes

  Teflon conveyor belt is a high performance glass fiber fabric coated with Teflon made through a special process, multi-composite materials, new products, storage and use of maintenance should pay attention to these details below eleven, The following small series with a look at it!
  1. Teflon conveyor belt should be deposited in the appropriate warehouse, avoid the sun and rain and other adverse weather; prohibit direct contact with acids, alkalis, oils and organic solvents, kept clean and dry, away from the heat source device 1m outside storage warehouse the room temperature should be between -15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.
  2. Teflon conveyor belt should be placed into a roll, not folded, long storage time should be turned over once every quarter.
  3. Handling Teflon conveyor belt when the best crane and rigging with beamed secure lift to prevent the destruction of the band edge, not rough handling.
  4. Type Teflon conveyor belt, according to the specifications you want to use the specific needs and conditions, reasonable selection.
  5. Do not put different varieties, different specifications, strength, cloth Teflon conveyor belt adjoining layers (with the group) together in use.
  6. Teflon conveyor belt joint thermal curing glued best to improve reliability, to maintain a high effective intensity.
Conveying roller diameter and the smallest diameter of the pulley 7. The belt conveyor belt Teflon shall comply with the relevant provisions of   8. Do not allow hunting or crawling Teflon conveyor belt, to link drag roller, vertical roll flexible, tension should be appropriate.
  9. conveyor with baffles and clean assembly installed, should prevent Teflon conveyor belt wear.
Teflon conveyor belt.
  10. Cleanliness is a fundamental prerequisite for well-functioning, foreign matter will affect the operation of the belt, causing deviation, uneven tension and even rupture.
  11. Use Teflon conveyor belt was found early signs of destruction, should be timely to find the reason for the destruction of parts of the timely repair to prevent adverse outcomes presented.
  Do the above 11 points, Teflon conveyor belt will reduce damage during storage and use, maintenance, add Teflon conveyor belt life.
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