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How to remove the adhesive residue Teflon tape

  PTFE tape will appear after high temperature baking residue, excess glue and other phenomena, by hand or a closer look will find a tiny residue tiny residue has a great impact on production. This phenomenon may be tape high temperature data does not meet the production requirements, generally requires high temperature requirements 210-260 degrees, and therefore should be preceded by confirmation of production meets production requirements.
  If the temperature is too high the production line, not within the scope of the process requirements, there will be residual adhesive, should check the temperature sensor is normal; high temperature Teflon tape product itself quality problems, in the coating production process, if not strictly in accordance with the pressure sensitive adhesive baking data for heating curing, curing time is not enough or too fast coating line will cause the glue, glue primer, the base of the three components can not be combined; when the     Teflon tape by applying a coating machine after the rubber roller coated, semi-finished products are generally required to stand for 2-3 days to use rewinding slitting, this is mainly to let the glue and the substrate sufficiently binding glue is completely cured in a natural state, if not completely curing proceeds rewinding slitting, adhesive residue occurs.
  For the emergence of the phenomenon of adhesive residue, the first and most important is to control the quality Teflon tape, and put in the production of ozone should be preceded by a preliminary screening test temperature, it can be used after the company meet the requirements.
  Since Teflon tape are high-tech technology in the production process of raw materials contain chemical components, and many factors used by each customer environment, painting equipment, technical requirements, production processes and personnel to operate and so on, in the production process there will inevitably be anomalies.   If the phenomenon is the emergence of adhesive residue in the production process, should first remove the abnormal workpiece, stored separately, in order to avoid recurrence of such phenomena, respond online to increase inspection efforts, through a period of time or a certain amount of non-performing statistical analysis of the percentage residual gum content, it should also be based on the actual situation of this batch of tapes to check to find out the root of the problem, so that the production process will not be a similar phenomenon.
  Workpiece appear adhesive residue, in order to reduce input costs, these artifacts can use alcohol or adhesive tape in addition to gum, the method is the use of cotton cloth moistened with a small amount of alcohol wipe, using the same type of adhesive tape sticky removed.
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