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Innovation is the key to the future success of the enterprise Teflon conveyor belt

  Innovation is the secret of longevity of a business, through product innovation, market innovation, sales model innovation, management innovation and technological innovation can be the upper hand in future market competition. We, as the larger of the conveyor belt Teflon R & D, production and marketing enterprises, we must seize the pulse of the market, and strive to innovation, high quality products for consumers and businesses to provide more value.
  Teflon conveyor future innovation focused on three aspects:   1, to enhance the tensile strength of the conveyor belt, Teflon conveyor belt market is now on the prevalence of warp and weft strength is not high, only some of the light transmission material, so the industry applications have limits;
  2, enhanced Teflon coating thickness, Teflon is a high performance material, although at this stage Teflon glass fiber composite material sorted out, but customers in the process prone to breakage and Teflon intermediate conveyor coating off the problem;
  3, increasing the thickness of the existing Teflon conveyor belt thickness between 0.08mm-1.05mm in the future R & D 2mm, 3mm to 5mm thick and even.
  If Teflon conveyor belt business to meet the current market, not innovation, it is likely that the decline or collapse of the market in the future, so that innovation is the key to future success.
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