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Difference with Teflon tape Teflon cloth

  Teflon tape is satisfied with the metal surface of the Teflon-treated fabric as the substrate, coated with imported heat-treated surface water into the pressure-sensitive adhesive. When Teflon cloth made of imported glass fiber cloth for the skeleton, dipping and coating polytetrafluoroethylene resin made from the above opinion Teflon tape Teflon high temperature cloth more than a production process, so that most of them the performance is the same, only the knowledge of the application are different.
  Teflon tape Main applications:
  1, various types of high-temperature roller affixed to cover the heating plate, stripping the workpiece.
  2, food, medicine and heat-sealed plastic bags.
  3, chute, hopper, aviation mold etc liner paste can also be applied to sizing machine rollers, thermoplastic stripping, etc., can be used repeatedly, easy to replace.
  4. The need for other anti-sticking, corrosion and high temperature surface treatment.
  5, used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, heat sealing, electrical and electronic industries.
  6, can be directly attached to a variety of large flat and regular surfaces (such as drum), easy to operate.
  Teflon cloth range of applications:
  1, anti-stick lining, pads, bandage and conveyor belts; depending on the thickness, for a variety of drying machine conveyor belt, adhesive tape, sealing tape and so on.
  2, plastics welding, weld seal with welding cloth; plastic sheets, film, tape sealing sheeting lining.
  3, high electrical insulation: electrical insulation tape base, spacers, gaskets, collars. High frequency CCL board.
  4, heat-resistant cladding layer; laminated substrate, heat insulation wrap.
  5, gasket microwave, oven sheet, food drying.
  6, adhesive tape, hot transfer printing tablecloth, carpet adhesive curing conveyor belt, rubber vulcanized belts, abrasive sheet curable release cloth.
  7, pressure sensitive tape fabric.
  8, construction membranes: a variety of sports canopy, station kiosks Peng, parasols, landscape Peng and so on.
  9, corrosion-resistant cladding for a variety of petrochemical pipeline, power plant flue gas desulfurization environmental protection.
  10, friction materials, slicing wheel.
  As can be seen from the above article and the difference between Teflon cloth Teflon tape, so easy for customers according to their different industries and applications to select the appropriate Teflon material.
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