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Teflon conveyor belt pursuit of energy saving and efficient

  Energy saving, environmental protection, efficient, green Teflon conveyor belt is a major trend in the future development of the Division I believe that with the innovation of science and technology, continue to accelerate the process of industrialization, will vigorously promote the rapid development of China's industry Teflon conveyor belt , so in the future, who developed the environmentally friendly energy priority, first of all who open the market is, the higher added value who, then it will be the biggest market advantage. With the acceleration of the pace of industrialization, the state advocate building a conservation-oriented society, the industrial development must be environmentally friendly energy-saving conveyor belt.
  Here I give you the Secretary carefully elaborate main difference between the old and energy saving drying Teflon conveyor belt, the first prophet Teflon conveyor belt conveyor is the most balanced performance of conveyor belt products, its main advantage is high temperature, abrasion resistance, oil, anti-aging, anti-static, long life, anti-sticking and so on.
  1, Teflon belt thickness, weight far less than conventional rubber and other plastic materials, better flexibility, the demand for equipment wheel diameter should be much smaller, so the energy consumption is relatively low.
  2, more environmentally friendly than the traditional transportation equipment, food grade Teflon conveyor belt is consistent with SGS and FDA standards and is widely popular in Europe and America in agricultural production, food processing and other industries, while the ordinary standard grade can be widely used and aerospace communications, electronic processing equipment, electronics and other industries.
  3, high temperature Teflon conveyor belt has the advantages of acid, oil and organic solvents, the chemical industry to meet diverse needs.
  Teflon conveyor belt is a versatile polymer material, and it can meet the needs of different industries use, wide range of applications. Now in Europe and other developed countries, Teflon conveyor belt has been widely used in food processing, aerospace, telecommunications, agro-processing, wood processing, tobacco production, textile, electronics manufacturing, printing and packaging, chemical and oil refining industries.
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