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Teflon tube tetrafluoroethylene tube characteristics and prevention of aging

  1, high chemical stability: able to withstand all of the acid, including the role of aqua regia, hydrofluoric acid, concentrated hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, fuming sulfuric acid, organic acids, alkalis, strong oxidizing agents, reducing agents and various organic solvents . Very high purity chemicals for feed use.
  2, low coefficient of friction: the friction coefficient is typically only 0.04, is a very excellent self-lubricating material, and the friction coefficient does not vary with temperature changes.
  3, good anti-adhesive, easy to adhere to the inner wall of colloid and chemicals.
  4, excellent resistance to aging, long-term outdoor use.
  5, excellent electrical insulation properties: PTFE is a highly non-polar material having good dielectric properties, a great resistance, a dielectric constant of about 2.0, all in an electrically insulating material is the smallest.
  6, part of the tube transparent, can easily observe the internal flow conditions.
  Protection methods:
  When using peroxide, require special attention other additives. Such as antioxidant of choice need to be more rigorous, because a lot of antioxidants may interfere with peroxide curing. Also when peroxides are used to reduce the amount of the acidic filler is to prevent decomposition of the peroxide Teflon cationic degree of cure is too low (expressed as lower hardness, lower modulus, and higher compression permanent deformation). If a basic compound may be added, such as zinc oxide or magnesium oxide, generally improves the efficiency of the crosslinking peroxide. There Paraffin oil is better to avoid the use of aromatic oils and solvents.
  These are the Teflon anti-aging methods and effective measures, we hope you can help.
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