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Teflon Cloth Application

  1, anti-stick lining, pads, bandage and conveyor belts; depending on the thickness, for a variety of drying machine conveyor belt, adhesive tape, sealing tape and so on.
  2, plastics welding, weld seal with welding cloth; plastic sheets, film, tape sealing sheeting lining.
  3, high electrical insulation: electrical insulation tape base, spacers, gaskets, collars. High CCL board.
  4, heat-resistant cladding layer; laminated substrate, heat insulation wrap.
  5, gasket microwave, oven sheet, food drying.
  6, adhesive tape, hot transfer printing tablecloth, carpet adhesive curing conveyor belt, rubber vulcanized belts, abrasive sheet curable release cloth.
  7, pressure sensitive tape fabric.
  8, construction membranes: a variety of sports canopy, station kiosks Peng, parasols, landscape Peng and so on.
  9, corrosion-resistant cladding for a variety of petrochemical pipeline, power plant flue gas desulfurization environmental protection.
  10, the flexible compensator, friction materials, grinding wheel slice.
  11, after special processing can be created "anti-static cloth."
  1, the use of its release properties, widely used as release material, such as fused sealing polyethylene film is used for sticking bottom pad. Another example is the use of high temperature PTFE glass cloth nonstick, hard PVC shaped pieces constituting the door, Butt meters with a time window method, it shall be heated to about 150 ℃ hot knife inserted into the butt wrapped in PTFE glass cloth cracks, heat is transferred through the PTFE glass cloth to a docking surface melt it, and then out of hot knife (non-stick) after a little pressure to cement.
  2, the use of PTFE glass cloth good aging, weather resistance, wide PTFE glass cloth and build into a large piazza ceiling, there is some very light and translucent.
  3, the PTFE cloth by cutting, with a multi-layer laminated after pressing into a certain thickness of the laminate, a thin material can be used as electrical insulation, radomes, electrical components and corrosion blades, etc., may be used as thick SHOP material chute low coefficient of friction (when the shipyard ship launching with).
  4, PTFE varnished with single or double composite foil made of copper clad board, at an ultra-high frequency, high-temperature applications of printed wiring board.
  5, the PTFE cloth after chemical treatment for one surface coated with an adhesive, become easy to use release, insulation adhesive tape.
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