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Several applications Teflon material

  In peacetime we saw Teflon material, its use in the field is very broad, in this, our company today to areas in which we explain below.
  1, used as anti-corrosion materials
  Teflon overcomes the disadvantages of conventional plastic, metal and other intolerance erosion, corrosion-resistant materials has become a major oil, chemical industry, textile industry. Like transporting aggressive gases used in the manufacture of pipes, exhaust pipes, steam pipes and the like.
  2, used as oil-free materials
  Teflon pipe friction coefficient is the lowest, so filling machinery and equipment parts oil-free best materials. Like paper, food, textile and other fields to make products easily add oil contamination, Teflon solve this problem.
  3, used electronic equipment advanced dielectric material
  Teflon tube inherent low loss dielectric constant makes it an ideal insulation material for wire and cable, and its porous structure can be reduced to make the loss and distortion to a minimum, but also has thermal chaos and a certain flexibility. Teflon is still a good filling dielectric material.
  Teflon is also widely used in many challenging areas of telecommunications, computer, defense and aerospace.
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