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What are the details of Teflon plate

  Teflon plate (PTFE), commonly known as plastic king, F4.
  By suspension PTFE resin obtained by molding can be made of sheet metal, turning film, tube. It can be made to suppress push type, with a blend of graphite and other plates, rods, packing, rope, raw material belt.
  1, the use of very wide temperature range (from -200 degrees Celsius to +260 degrees).
  2. Basically all chemical substances with the corrosion resistance in addition to some fluoride and alkaline liquid metal.
  3, excellent mechanical properties including aging resistance especially for bending and the application of swing.
  4. Outstanding flame retardant, in line with ASTM-D635 and D470 test step in the air to be regulated as a flame retardant material.
  5, excellent insulating properties (regardless of its frequency and temperature how).
  6, low water absorption, and self-lubricating and non-adhesive, and other unique properties.
  Applications: seal / gasket, ring material, wear-resistant plate / seat, insulation parts, corrosion resistance industry, machinery spare parts, lining, oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical industry, equipment manufacturers and the like.
  Specifications: 6-200mm × 200mm.
  Diameter: 1000mm.
  Colors: White, Black.
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