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How to identify the merits of product quality Teflon

  Since the Teflon product prices are high, so many users choose Teflon products, always choose the option yet, be cautious.
  Quality difference Teflon products are the following:
  A: raw material difference
  1, fabric source, now general by Shanghai or Zhuhai fabric woven into cloth. If the first time you purchase can be the source of its raw materials to consult.
  2, the difference between the emulsion produced today Teflon latex manufacturer, latex production of various quality, produced by the product quality is also different.
  B: Making the difference
  Today, many manufacturers in order to reduce costs continue to reduce product quality, which reduces the quality of products in the following ways:
  1, the production process will increase the proportion of water in the emulsion.
     2, in the coating process, at least once painted emulsion.
  C: How to identify the quality of the merits
  1, folding: Fold back and forth to different products, against the same number of times, depending on which product cracks, or drop coating, or appear whitish marks.
    2, the touch method: Usually imported raw materials out of the product, the surface is very smooth, and has a certain luster. The domestic material surface roughness, and the surface without any luster.
  3, observation: If the domestic production of feed quality too poor, obviously bleached surface cracks, and wherein the glass fiber filaments have leaked marks.
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