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Dryer How to Install Teflon conveyor belt and extend the life of

  installation method:
  1, the jig is fixed at one end of the conveyor belt Teflon drying equipment rack, and the other end through the pulley will tighten the belt until the Teflon conveyor idler bearing no obvious sag.
  2, put on Teflon conveyor belt take-up core rotating flexible shaft and with a good roll cage, front pay attention to the shelves, do not stand plastic cover in the direction reversed.
  3. If you are replacing Teflon conveyor belt, the belt may be new and the old together conveyor, unloading conveyor belt and install the new Teflon simultaneously.
  4, drying equipment for horizontal transport is concerned, can be cut at any point in the old conveyor belt, slope conveying drying equipment, you need to choose the right cut-off point to prevent falling out of control caused by its own weight.
  5, should not be added to the workplace can put roll open Teflon conveyor belt, Teflon conveyor belt and fold having a radius of curvature sufficiently large to prevent damage Teflon conveyor belt, fold ban on Teflon conveyor belt place heavy objects.
  6, dryer equipment will position the new belt after the release level, with one end fixed conveyor jig good, then connected with the bypass roller and rope pulleys, the traction device by Teflon conveyor belt balance frame to the drying equipment, traction, to prevent    Teflon conveyor belt with holster pressed against each other.   How to prolong life:
  First: Teflon conveyor belt pulley claw any recess at the transition. Practice has proved insufficient rope conveyor transverse strength, when activated, causes the conveyor pulley partial exclusion of excessive force, resulting in torn conveyor belts, pulleys umbrella to the music with drum music, can solve this problem .
  Second: the improvement of industrial conveyor hopper off. The improvement of industrial conveyor belt drop hopper, the conveyor belt is one of the effective measures to prevent the early damage. Improved drop hopper adapter at each belt conveyor, it increased by 2.5 times the capacity of foreign body, long, large foreign bodies in the transport process is not easy jammed between the hopper wall and the conveyor belt to reduce foreign matter tear probability. Feed hopper off the lead at the skirt, a gap along the running direction of the conveyor so that the conveyor belt is growing, coal solve the problem ceremony block caught between the belt and the language board, eliminating the resulting transport belt damage. Gap larger hopper, install a buffer baffles to avoid direct impact of the conveyor belt material.
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